Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thinking of buying a property in Spain

Web Certain launches site for prospective buyers of property in Spain.

Grosvenor Financial Consultants specialise in dealing with the finanicial advice needed by people who are buying property - such as villas or finchas in Spain for either holiday or residential use.

The site gives rich advice to users who are thinking about making such an investment - but perhaps aren't sure what things to watch out for. Astonishing there is a wide range of potential pitfalls awaiting buyers.

The new site which is designed by experienced Spanish property buyers themselves does not try to sell property to buyers, something which most web publications tend to focus on. It is also very a site giving genuine advice and trying to persuade buyers to get in touch for independent financial advice.

The sections of the site cover the following:-

Independent mortgage advice

Converting pounds into Euros

Pension and retirement considerations

Buying Spanish property offplan