Thursday, January 27, 2005

Web Certain Domain Management Centre Launched

Want to pay less for domains but are under pressure to protect your trademarks?

It's a common problem and we all know the law covering internet trademarks can be somewhat vague.

Web Certain has developed a new service which allows you to:-

Register domains

Protect internet trademarks

Pay less for domains

The basic principle is that by bringing all your domains under one roof - it is much easier to manage them, to set them up correctly to generate visitors to your web site and pay less for domains.

We particularly like the 'Manage Your Domains' section of the web site where you can see the list of the domains you own, and their expiry dates - and click on them to manage them!

We'd recommend you try out the site which is at and let us know what you think or what improvements we could make!

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